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Limited financial assistance is available to patients who qualify. Please speak to a representative to see if you qualify for assistance. Patients can discuss qualification at the time an appointment is scheduled. Please contact center for more details.

Medical Abortion Appointment Reminders

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*New* State Law 48 hour waiting period after State Required Counseling by Physician (this requires an additional appointment in our office)

• All photo IDs must not be expired when presented for verification of age, parentage/guardianship and/or payment.

• Please bring a photo ID that includes date of birth. Any patient under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian's consent. Photo identification, as well as proof of parentage or guardianship must also be provided by patient, parent, and/or guardian. Examples: Birth certificate or court order of guardianship. If the last names are different on these photo IDs and/or the documentation listed above, a copy of a marriage certificate or divorce papers must be submitted to verify the change. A minor may also obtain a court judicial bypass instead of consent of a legal guardian, but she must provide court documentation.

If a patient is uncertain of the paperwork required, they should consult the office representative when making an appointment.

• Patients with RH negative blood type will need to have an injection of Rhogam. Be sure that you have proof of blood type if you have RH positive blood. Otherwise, you will have to have your blood typed which can be done the day of procedure. IF RH negative blood type, you will need a Rhogam injection (has to be done within 72 hours) or you have the option to take Rhogam as a precaution the day of procedure after blood type is drawn. Patient will be charged for blood typing and Rhogam fees in addition to the cost of abortion. See our fees here. A patient may have proof of blood type on a Red Cross blood donor card, active military ID, or they can get a copy of a lab report or signed statement from their doctor.

• We hope that your visit is no longer than 3 hours.

• As a reminder, full payment for all services is due on the day of the procedure and is payable by Discover, Mastercard, Visa, or cash. No personal checks. Photo ID required for all types of payment except cash. We do not accept American Express.

• Also remember that for security, you may not bring bags, purses, cell phones, heavy coats or valuables into the office.

• Failure to have, in hand, any required information will result in either a delay in your appointment or need to reschedule your appointment.

• You may come to this appointment alone. However, if you are over 63 days by ultrasound you will need a driver to have a surgical procedure. Please bring only one person with you. Both parents are welcome with patients under age 18. Do not bring children.

• Private abortion appointments available. Please call for specific dates, times, and fees.